Research Projects


Research project of the Laboratory of Operations Research entitled “GHGs scenarios and mitigation opportunities in Energy, Transport and Industrial Sector in Greece till 2030” with the code number 11SYN-8-118, in the context of the "COOPERATION 2011" supported by the European Regional Development Fund and Greek National Funds.

Consolidation of Romanian Statistical System, EuropeAid/119795/D/SV/RO

Program PHARE entitled “Consolidation of Romanian Statistical System” Identification Number RO2003/005–551.04.04.03 (EuropeAid/119795/D/SV/RO). The project concerned the harmonization of the statistical indexes of Romania and was for the benefit of the National Statistical Institute of Romania with duration from 9/12/2005 till 9/12/2008. Its was financed by the EU.