In the Department of Economics, University of Thessaly operates according to No. 89475/B1/11-8-2003 Ministerial Decision (GG 1263/4-9-2003/t.B) Laboratory Operations Research covering educational and research needs in the disciplines of business studies (among other Linear, Dynamic and Stochastic Programming Projects, Civil Reserve Models, Econometric Models).

The laboratory aims to:

1. Cover at the undergraduate and graduate level teaching and research needs of the Department of Economics, University of Thessaly, and other departments of the University of Thessaly, in matters within the objects of the laboratory activity.

2. Any form of cooperation with research centers and academic institutions nationally and abroad, since the scientific objectives coincide, are consistent and complement those of the laboratory.

3. Organizing scientific conferences, seminars, symposiums, conferences and other scientific events, authoring publications and inviting recognized Greek and foreign scientists.

4. Providing services to individuals as provided in P.D. 159/1984 A-53).

The laboratory staff consists of members of the Teaching and Research Staff (Faculty Members) of the Department of Economics in the disciplines related to the subjects dealt by members of the Special Laboratory Personnel and members of other scientific staff and administrative staff placed in the laboratory procedure of Article 4 § 1 (d) of Law 2083/1992.

Director of the Laboratory of Operations Research appointed by the General Assembly of the Department (9th GS/22-10-2008) Professor George Halkos.